Earlier this summer, our youth group decided to renovate and restore the swimming pool located at the back of the units used for missionary students. They thought it would be a great way to make the area look a little bit more presentable, while creating a fun activity for the students who come and stay here for weekend retreats. Melissa Kremer and Jennifer Bagby have been helping the teens on this project. They first began by cleaning out all of the leaves and debris that have collected in the swimming pool over the last 3 years. Then they started building a more aesthetic deck around the pool, which had weeds and other plants growing through the cracks. Since it was a fiberglass pool, the sides had to be thoroughly scrubbed, which took many hours from both our middle school and high school youth groups.  After this, the swimming pool looked fabulous, but there was a major holdup. The filtration system was not working properly. Fortunately, Lorena and Juan Carlos Rodriguez, who are pool builders in San Antonio, but have recently purchased a lake house here in Georgia, graciously volunteered to contribute the equipment and labor necessary to build the swimming pool equipment backbone necessary to maintain the pool for years to come. Since there is also a lot of humidity in San Anotnio, all of the equipment the Rodriguez’s donated was galvanized which is going to help it last for years and years to come. Below is a picture of the swimming pool now:

Garden Lakes Swimming Pool

We are going to be able to use the new swimming pool at our Annual Music ‘n Missionaries retreat this October, and could not be more excited. We want to give a huge thanks to all of the swimming pool builders who helped in this process, and of course to all of our youth students who put in their time and effort into making this summer project a concrete reality!